Aspire To The Nautilus


Aspire to The Nautilus

Aspire Nautilus with custom drip-tip installed

Okay, so I am months behind everyone else in getting to some of the newer tanks that are on the market.  Honestly, for a long time I thought that I would just be sticking with the Kanger ProTank line.  However, now I Aspire to the Nautilus.  Why?  Well, read on for my review of the Aspire Nautilus.  I would almost call it a ProTank killer, however I have a few reservations.

Aspire To The Nautilus

When I first saw the Nautilus in my local vape shop I wasn’t impressed by it.  Why?  Mostly aesthetics.  It honestly just isn’t the best looking tank on the market.  It’s not as bad as the Innokin iClear 30B, but I just don’t care for some of the knurling, and the overly curved top.

And, I know some people say that branding is important. However, I disagree.  I don’t think it adds anything to have “Aspire Nautilus” on the glass.  It just looks tacky.  If it was a small engraving or etching, I could see that. But these big letters don’t add anything, and it actually kind of detracts more from a tank that has a marginal appearance in the first place.

But, there is one thing that really bothers me more than just about anything: the base.  On the base where it meets the glass of the tank there is a rolled lip.  Why?  Who knows.  I can’t say that I recall seeing this on any other tanks.  It certainly doesn’t add anything to the looks of the tank, in fact, to me it’s out of keeping with the rest of the metal work on the tank.

Reasons For Buying the Nautilus

If the appearance of the tank were the important point, I would have skipped it.  (In fact, as I mentioned above, I wasn’t impressed with it when I first saw it…)  But, there were a couple of things that made me change my mind and give it a try.

First, it has an adjustable airflow ring.  You can select between four air-flow ports to adjust the draw of the device.  This is useful for people who like different types of airflow, and allows adjust for differing fluid viscosity.  Air-flow had become a big issue for me with the addition of the Seven 22 and Lavatube to my collection.  So having a tank that offered it’s own airflow control was definitely something that I was interested in.

And, in fact, I can report that it works perfectly with all the devices I have tried it on: the Lavatube, MVP, Seven 22, Nemesis, K100.  I haven’t tried it on an eGo, as I think it would look silly (Phil Busardo shows what it would look like in his video review, which I’ll include at the end of this article.)

Second: it’s a dual coil tank.  One of the reasons that I wanted to try the iClear 30B was that it was a dual coil device.  So, seeing that the Nautilus offers a similar coil configuration made me curious (one of the things that I did like about the iClear 30B was this feature).

Third: massive capacity.  This tank will hold over 5ml of liquid.  Most of the other tanks I’d used hold 3ml.  I had to fill them at least once a day when I was using them.  I suspected that the 5ml capacity of the Nautilus would make it possible for me to go a whole day without refilling the tank.  Sure enough, one filling in the morning is all I need with this tank.  Which is really, really awesome in my book.

Fourth (and final): it looked like it would be a good match for my larger devices.  And in fact, it is.  It fits perfectly on the Lavatube.  It doesn’t fill out the whole Seven 22 size, but it’s probably one of the closer tanks to fill out a device that uses a 26650 IMR battery.  (I know someone mentioned another tank that can do the same thing, but I can’t remember which device, or where I saw it.)


So, knowing what the reasons were for getting the Nautilus, how does it perform?

Honestly, it has exceeded my expectations at every turn.

It draws well when the air-flow is adjusted properly for the fluid.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of crackling noise (unlike the ProTank and iClear 30B).  The taste of the juices I have used in it has been very good.  Throat hit has been very good.  And vapor production has been very strong.

The thing that has impressed me the most though is the noise level.  I think it has to do with the enclosed coil design, but also with the large silicon ring at the bottom of the tank that seals everything.  The silicon appears to dampen the crackling sounds you sometimes get while vaping, making this the quietest tank I’ve used.  And this is a consideration as I’ve mentioned in the past, since someone has already commented on the crackling sounds from other tanks when I was on the phone.


But, this tank isn’t without issues.  Fortunately none of the issues have been show-stoppers for me, but they are somewhat annoying.

First, the top portion screws onto the glass of the tank.  The threading is rather wide since it’s more difficult to make fine threading in glass.  However, the problem I’ve encountered is even with the top piece screwed onto the glass properly the center post will be off-center.  It will straighten out as you put the base back on the tank, but that can lead to the other big issue.

Sometimes the coil threads will get jammed in the center post. Now, apparently Aspire is putting a card in the box that points out this issue now.  I didn’t receive one in my box.  But this is really an issue that it would seem Aspire needs to work on.  It’s too easy to have a coil get jammed.  And on more than one occasion I’ve had to resort to using a pliers to get the coil loose (being extremely careful to not damage it).

The final issue: sometimes there will be junk accumulated in the bottom of the base, below the coil.  And, on at least one occasion, I have seen this brown junk on the lower portion of the coil. I don’t really know what it is, but I suspect it’s leftover condensed eJuice that has leaked out of the coil while the device was sitting.  However, I am a bit leery about the coloration of the junk since I was vaping a mostly clear fluid, and this stuff was very brown.


This tank is a real winner.  The issues I mentioned above keep it from being a ProTank killer in my book.  However, it is one of the best performing tanks I’ve encountered yet. The larger capacity, dual coils, low noise level, adjustable air-flow all make it a top-performing tank.  And, given that I was a Kanger devotee that is saying something.

As always, Phil Busardo has an excellent review of this device.  He compares it to several other tanks, and tears it down in more detail than I can easily do in a relatively short article.  Here’s his video: