Mt.Gox – Temporary Hiatus on U.S. Dollar Withdrawals

Mt.Gox – Temporary Hiatus on U.S. Dollar Withdrawals.

This is somewhat surprising, and maybe a little unsettling.  While it appears to only be a temporary situation, I have to question the handling of this.  Is this just because of the larger volume of transactions as stated?  Or is there something else behind it – possibly the increased pressure and oversight from governments or other parties?

My intuition (ie, read opinion that is totally unencumbered by the thought process) is that it is a combination of both.  I haven’t written any more about bitcoin lately, but there have been a few stories that have caught my attention that I suspect may play into this.

However, whether my intuition is accurate or not, we can only hope that the “improvements” being made help with both the efficiency of withdrawals, and address some of the concerns of other parties.  Afterall, I personally want to see bitcoin succeed, and if this is what is needed to get there, then it is for the best.